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How To Buy Fine Art LINK

For a fine-tuned shopping experience where you might be tempted to explore other categories beyond art, then 1stDibs is absolutely worth a visit. The online marketplace features carefully vetted sellers showcasing their high-style wares, with new pieces added weekly. The unique platform allows buyers the opportunity to interact with the seller and negotiate pricing as well as any special requests before purchase. You will find all categories represented from photography, sculpture, mixed media, paintings and prints. Figurative and abstract styles have the largest quantities.

how to buy fine art

Knowing the artist and their history is essential when looking to buy fine art paintings online. Hence, we have also included extensive biographies (where available) on each of the artists we represent. We also keep an extensive archive of previous works which we have sold by each painter. We hope in the future this archive will become a valuable research tool for others.

Establishing itself in the late 19th and early 20th century, fine art photography is an art form just like any other medium. It involves attention to detail, mastery of equipment and a meticulous developmental process. On Artfinder, you can choose from a wide range of subjects and styles, from classical landscapes to digitally manipulated pieces.

Artfinder is all about championing originality. This is why our fine art photographers only offer their pieces in limited editions, so you can be assured what you are buying is totally unique. No mass-produced prints here folks.

Emerging art is defined by the artworks being created in a contemporary spectrum by young artists or relatively under-recognized artists. Emerging art is then art produced by artists that are in the beginning stages of their career as an artist. They may have recently graduated from art school, not have gallery representation yet, or be represented by a smaller regional gallery. These artists do not have less aesthetical or conceptual value than an acclaimed artist but rather are still waiting for their works to become more well-known and have greater representation in galleries and museums.

Established art is made of artists that have reached an advanced level of achievement in their career nationally or internationally. These artists generally have an extensive, strong body of work, and their value is defined by internationally-recognized galleries and auctions houses. Established artists often have a team of people working along with them in the studio.

At fineartmultiple you can buy art online knowing that the artwork is 100% authenticated and ready to be shipped to your door. By working with the most prestigious galleries and producers in the world, we can ensure that every piece on our platform is either signed by the artist or accompanied by an artist-issued certificate of authenticity. Our aim is to bring you the finest selection of original art for sale from around the world. In addition to offering artworks for sale, we provide a specialized online magazine with up-to-date art world news and insights into the private collections of an international community of art lovers.

Do you need help selecting an artwork and want to talk to someone over the phone? Get in touch with our curatorial team weekdays from 9am to 6pm CET on +49 (0)30 2363 0280 or at

We specialize in buying, selling and auction of limited edition original fine art lithographs, serigraphs, engravings, silkscreens, aquatints, screenprints, mixographs, and original oils on canvas, watercolors, sculptures and other mediums from the exclusive listed artists. We have a massive collection of Masterworks, Modern Art, Contemporary and Pop Art paintings, drawings or original prints. Our professional staff is actively involved in the appraisal, buying, selling and auction of fine art all over the world. 041b061a72


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