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Download Episode 1.4 _VERIFIED_

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download Episode 1.4


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It was on your site, even if you didn't make a post about it here. The exes are dated 5th April, and I've been using it for more than a month. No big deal, just I nearly didn't bother downloading this new version, assuming I already had it.

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The MIMIC-III database was populated with data that had been acquired during routine hospital care, so there was no associated burden on caregivers and no interference with their workflow. Data was downloaded from several sources, including:

Approval requires at least a week. Once an application has been approved the researcher will receive emails containing instructions for downloading the database from PhysioNetWorks, a restricted access component of PhysioNet.

Here are all the published episodes in the History in the Bible podcast, listed from most recent (season 3) to oldest (season 1). The episodes are listed in reverse chronological order, from most recent to oldest.

If you are a new or casual listener, you may be wondering where to start. Do you have to listen to episodes in order to make sense of the show? Not really. I try to make each show as self-contained as possible. I often provide brief contextual information from previous episodes where I think appropriate. But the history in the Bible is a complex topic. So I often make callbacks (audio hyperlinks, you could say) to specific earlier shows if I need to.

In this bonus episode, Steve Guerra of the History of the Papacy podcast and I continue our look at some of our favourite moments in the Old Testament or Tanakh. First, Steve investigates the unfortunate incident of Dinah and the Hebites. Then Garry shows a little-known side to Joseph's rule in Egypt.

The final episodes in my show cover the second half of the second century. In this period, the little Jesus clubs evolved into the imperial church incorporate. This and the next few episodes cover the three dominant personalities of that period.

Steve Guerra from the History in the Papacy podcast and I conclude our mini-series on the Twelve minor prophets of the OT/Tanakh. In this episode we have a bit of fun and rank the Twelve using our own entirely ridiculous criteria.

In this bonus episode, Steve Guerra of the History of the Papacy podcast and I take a look at some of our favourite moments in the Old Testament or Tanakh. First, Steve wonders what the deal is with Melchizedek.

In this bonus episode, Gil Kidron of A Podcast of Biblical Proportions and I discuss Gil's theory that the scribe Baruch was instrumental in writing (or editing or redacting) the book of Genesis, using the life of his master the prophet Jeremiah as a model.

By the year 70, all of the disciples save perhaps John, were dead. Their inheritors are traditionally known as the Apostolic fathers, although many scholars would object to that appellation. I explore the fathers in this and the next episode. In this show I present the very earliest: Bishop Clement of Rome, and the anonymous author of the Didache, a fascinating look into earliest Christian practices. Along the way I speculate about the relationship between Jewish and Christian practices of the time. Who took what from whom? I finish up with the earliest Christian commentator, Papias of Hierapolis; and with Ignatius of Antioch.

In this bonus episode, Gil Kidron and Rutger Vos graciously invite me on to their long-running show Pod Academy. This show is dedicated to applying a critical intellect to popular media, especially movies or TV series. We discuss the 2014 movie Noah, staring Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Ray Winstone, doing what Ray Winstone always does: being himself.

We believe there were four distinct early Christian communities: the gentile clubs of Paul, the Jewish clubs of Peter and James, the clubs who followed the writings of Thomas, and clubs attached to the disciple John. In this episode I tackle the first three.

In this bonus episode I am joined by Omri and Gil of the exuberant podcast A Podcast of Biblical Proportions for a discussion about the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and a little bit about Joseph..

In this bonus episode, Steve Guerra and I continue our series on the twelve minor Old Testament prophets. Here we tackle Obadiah and Jonah. Obadiah is the least read book in the Bible, for very good reason. Everyone thinks that Jonah is a story about a fish. That is the least part of the story.

In this bonus episode, Steve Guerra and I continue our series on the twelve minor Old Testament prophets. Here we tackle Amos and Hosea. Amos is the perfect pocket prophet. Amos gives you everything you want in a prophet, in a easily digestible form. On the other hand, his near contemporary Hosea is barking mad. Hear all about them in this episode.

In this bonus episode I am joined by Steve Guerra of the History of the Papacy podcast. We introduce our latest mini-series, the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament. We will cover Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

As usual, Paul is violently ejected. This time, the pagans are to blame. Paul tells all and sundry that he has the monopoly on religious trinkets. That really upsets all those making a fortune selling relics of the great goddess Artemis. Paul barely makes it out town with his skin intact. He travels through Macedonia and Greece, then back to Asia Minor. He delivers a melancholy speech at Miletus, and reluctantly turns toward Jerusalem. I finish the episode with a letter Paul wrote during the mission, his angry letter to the Galatians, where he denounces the circumcision party of James and Peter.

This is a bonus episode for season two. Steve Guerra and I tackle the book of Daniel. We all know the book's stories of Daniel: the lion's den, the fiery furnace, and the writing on the wall. We discover a book of two parts, one of which claims to be a reliable history of Babylonian times. Spoiler: It's not. The second half is the only apocalypse in the Old Testament.

This is another bonus episode for season two. My long-time collaborator, Steve Guerra, attended the IntelligentSpeech podcasting conference in New York in June 2019. I appeared with Steve thanks to the magic that is Skype. We talk all things Biblical. I hope you enjoy this bonus show. The conference was organized by Roifield Brown, producer of numerous podcasts: How Jamaica Conquered the World, and The Things That Made England, amongst others. Roifield was the man who introduced me to history podcasting.

My Christmas special relates the story of Christmas as told by the gospel of Luke. With lots of canticles: the Magnificat, the Benedictus, and the Nunc Dimmitis. Luke has many unique stories. He concentrates on Jesus' mother Mary and her relative Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. The angel Gabriel makes two cameo appearances. My next special episode, on Epiphany, relates the gospel of Matthew's version of events of the nativity.

First in a mini-series on the history of the Jews and the province of Judea under the Hellenistic empires, and under the Maccabeans. I start with a summary of the history I will expand on in the next few episodes. Then I present our sources for that history, Josephus and Maccabees. I conclude with a few notes about the oddities of the Ethiopian orthodox biblical canon.

The Jews have a placid existence under Persian rule, and create Judaism. They reconstruct their religion, one now without kings and prophets. From now on, the Law is all. I discuss the last of the books of the Tanakh: the romances of Esther and Judith, the hateful but mercifully brief prophet Obadiah, and the funniest book in the canon, Jonah. Daniel gets his chance in a later episode. 350c69d7ab


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