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Pagpag Siyam Na Buhay Watch Movie Online Download

If I were to help my kids prepare for their first viewing of a movie though, I would not suggest watching Pagpag. Because it is such a fast paced horror film, it is hard to get into and might be a hard sell for kids of this age group. The film is more geared towards adults because of the gore and nudity and it is very strange for children to watch. But if you want to take it as a challenge, like we did, watch it and see if it has an effect on your little one or not.

Pagpag Siyam Na Buhay Watch Movie Online Download


There are certain things about Pagpag that I found interesting, like the fact that two guys thought of coming up with the same idea of scaring parents and children with evil spirits. Were then able to imagine scenes from Pagpag then come up with his own movie. The first scare factor in the movie is when Daniel Padilla is driving to the school where his young bride Kathryn Bernardo is seeing her first horror movie in the cinema. When he leaves, you see a long line of people standing outside the cinema. When he returns, a young boy sitting in the front row is eating popcorn and talking about the theatre he came from. However, the boy does not realize he will be the first victim of the evil spirits for the night until it is too late.

I was asked by my sister, Glenda, to watch Pagpag with her during our recent stay at home because of their young kids. She told me that Pagpag is a good movie to watch first before you take your children to the cinema.

She told me to go ahead and watch it on my own because our kids are not ready for it yet. The movie had not started yet and I was writing reviews and posting the movie on my blog. Once the movie started, I noticed that what Glenda was trying to tell me was that her kids had not yet seen how the movie would end.


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