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Andrew Falk
Andrew Falk

Learn How to Master Visio's Structure, Behavior and Solutions with Visio 2003 Developer's Survival Pack

Create, manage, and leverage Microsoft Visio solutions for Windows, Windows CE, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in Visio 2003. Develop custom interfaces for menus, dialogs, and wizards, and customize client-side and server-side wizards. Track data and user activity and interactions with servers, databases, applications, and devices. Deploy and manage Visio-based solutions. Write, debug, and deploy code from a single integrated environment in Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008. Use SQL Server.NET Integration Services and Script Component Transforms for processing data.

visio 2003 developers survival pack.rar

Reduce cost and effort through automation of repetitive tasks. Integrate content from business systems and enterprise data repositories, such as and Microsoft SQL Server, to deliver better user experiences. Automate the process of creating and deploying Visio solutions. Keep pace with rapidly changing data sources and technologies. Manage Visio support and requirements across multiple business teams and departments. Have a head start over the competition. Make Visio solutions easy to manage and easy to learn. Develop solutions that are smarter.

A built-in editor is ready to edit most Visio files without having to learn the underlying XML. The OLE DB provider for XML, ODBC, JDBC and DB2 UDB connects to most databases. The OLE DB provider for Microsoft DASL connects to most Microsoft databases. There is a well-designed ActiveX control that can be embedded in other applications. The VBA programming language includes Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Basic for Applications Script Controls. Applications that run under the Windows XP emulation mode run without any modification on the Windows 2003 platform.


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