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Andrew Falk
Andrew Falk

Fierce (2020) EXCLUSIVE

And this is devastation is not over or reducing. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality (2020), the number of murders of trans people in 2020 surpasses the total numbers of 2019 in just seven months of this year. Specifically, Black and Latina transgender women are marginalized and targeted for transphobic hate and violence (NCTE, 2020).

Fierce (2020)

To our community of Black trans folk, we send you fierce, fierce love. To our first-generation non-binary Latinx family, we fiercely love you. Sending some fierce, fierce love out to our disabled genderqueer small-town lovelies, and our gender non-conforming big-city crushes. We mourn you, we grasp for you in the darkness, we keel over under the weight of our longing for you. As we remember and grieve for you, we come together with our sadness and loss