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Andrew Falk
Andrew Falk

"The Bad Guy" The Goo...(2022)

Just as Light's judgment of people as "pure" or "rotten" was never absolute, there isn't one right way to condemn or defend Light Yagami as a character. Everyone's perception is going to be a little bit different, but to me, Light is the posterchild for closed-mindedness and entitlement: so convinced that his beliefs are absolute that he has no problem forcing them on everyone else, destroying the lives of both others and himself. The occasional positive consequences of his actions can never excuse the horrible motives and methods behind them. (Forgive the Godwin argument, but "the trains always ran on time.") Ten years later, Light Yagami is still the bad guy, but like all great villains, he was just good enough to leave a lasting impression.

"The Bad Guy" The goo...(2022)



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