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Mohanayanangal Malayalam Movie

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mohanayanangal malayalam movie

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7 years ago: Devan used to live with his rich family. Devan's cousin Velumurugan is in love with a woman named Poonkuzhali. Poonkuzhali's family declined their relationship due to caste differences. Devan and Ayyanar fights Poonkuzhali's elder brother Rangan and his henchman and convinces Poonkuzhali to marry Devan's cousin. Rangan is angered by this and teams up with Felix and Prathapa Varma to get revenge on Devan and his family. Devan has to go to Chennai for a few days. During this time, a producer asks Ayyanar for money. Ayyanar agrees, but on the condition that Devan, who aspires to be an actor should act in the movie. Rangan, Rangan's brother, Felix, Prathapa Varma and their henchmen arrive at Ayyanar's house and kill the producer and fights with Ayyanar.

Cris from The News Minute rated 3.5 out of 5 and wrote: "Yet another Mammootty 'mass' movie that numbs the mind. It is running out of boring descriptions for itself".[19] Manoj Kumar R. of The Indian Express rated 1 out of 5 star and said: "You know this story. You know how things would pan out. And you know what happens to the bad guys even before the film arrives at its depressingly predictable climax".[20]

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