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Communication Progressive Du Francais Niveau Avance.pdf

Communication Progressive Du Francais Niveau Avance.pdf

Are you looking for a way to improve your French communication skills? Do you want to learn how to express yourself in various situations and contexts? If so, you might be interested in the book Communication progressive du français, niveau avancé : avec 525 exercices : corrigés by Claire Leroy-Miquel. This book is a comprehensive and practical guide for advanced learners of French who want to master the language and communicate effectively.

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What is the book about?

The book is part of the series Progressive du français, which covers different aspects of the French language, such as grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, and culture. The series is designed for adult and young adult learners who want to progress from beginner to advanced level. Each book in the series follows a similar structure and format, with clear explanations, examples, exercises, and answer keys.

The book Communication progressive du français, niveau avancé : avec 525 exercices : corrigés focuses on the communication skills that are essential for advanced learners of French. The book covers 40 topics, such as expressing opinions, making suggestions, giving advice, apologizing, complaining, negotiating, and persuading. Each topic is presented in a double-page spread, with a dialogue on the left page and a summary of the main points, vocabulary, and grammar on the right page. The dialogues are realistic and engaging, featuring different characters and situations. The summary provides useful tips and reminders on how to use the language effectively. The book also includes 525 exercises with answer keys to help learners practice and consolidate their knowledge.

Who is the author?

The author of the book is Claire Leroy-Miquel, a French teacher and author who has written several books for learners of French. She has also contributed to the development of online courses and materials for French as a foreign language. She has a PhD in linguistics and specializes in discourse analysis and pragmatics. She is passionate about teaching and learning languages and believes that communication is the key to success.

Where can you find the book?

The book is published by CLE International, a leading publisher of French as a foreign language materials. You can order the book online from their website or from other online retailers. You can also find the book in libraries or bookstores that specialize in foreign languages. The book comes with an audio CD that contains the recordings of the dialogues. You can also download the audio files from the publisher's website.

If you want to improve your French communication skills and reach an advanced level of proficiency, you should definitely check out the book Communication progressive du français, niveau avancé : avec 525 exercices : corrigés. It will help you learn how to express yourself clearly and confidently in various situations and contexts. It will also enrich your vocabulary and grammar and make you more aware of the cultural aspects of communication. With this book, you will be able to communicate like a native speaker of French!


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